My name is Shachar Parizer and I’m a developers team leader at Roomer.

Every day I scan the stock market, create suggestions and update my portfolio.

I have 2 types of blog posts: suggestions and conclusions.

Before the stock market opens I post my suggestions. Its a list of stock I suggest to buy for the next 3 weeks.

After the stock market closes I post my conclusions. Its a list of stocks I suggested 3 weeks ago and their returns.

On both types of blog posts I give update on my portfolio sharing my returns and % of my entire portfolio. I separate them by the date I bought them.
I have 2 sub portfolios I plan to keep for an year, 1 SPY, and the rest are being traded by my algorithm.
Sometimes when the 3 weeks are past I reevaluate and extend this stock for another 3 week. I back tested it and got great returns!